Hi there, I'm Joelle Brisland

I’m here to help you design a business and a brand you love!

My Story

According to my sister, if I came with a ‘warning’ label it would read: Will try to organise your life. And my Love Language is Acts of Service.

I love helping people in ways that improve their life (or even just their day).

And that is why I started this site. I’m not what I would call a typical creative – I am very practical and process-oriented. But – as you know – life throws unexpected things your way. I went from a Management Sciences major (via a failed attempt at studying Actuarial Science) to spending a large part of my time designing ebooks. From there I expanded into web design and online graphics.

I taught myself along the way and not too long ago realised that I could help women like you – a practical entrepreneur who needs straightforward, practical guides on how to improve their visual marketing, using the resources available to you.

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